Engineering Technology


Students will learn the fundamentals of engineering design and technical drawing (drafting) through sketching and CAD software. Students learn the language of engineering as they design and fabricate machine and wood products through project based instruction. Instruction includes single and multi-view drawings, 3-D representation, section views and dimension of objects. SolidWorks software will be used for computer drawing. This class is designed for students interested in engineering, construction, manufacturing or trades requiring blueprint reading. Students will have the opportunity to receive a certificate in SolidWorks CAD Software. Prerequisite: None


Students will learn about engineering and entry level architecture through project-based instruction and drafting/design computer programs. Projects that enhance team-building skills involve students, parents, and staff. Topics of study include: Advanced CAD solid modeling, design and manufacturing, program management process, GD&T and residential house design. Students identify a creative way of solving a problem or inventing a better product, and then design a possible solution through the use of CAD. When prototypes can be created, they are fabricated and tested for possible use in the manufacturing world. Original thinking and visualization are used throughout the process. This class prepares students for college studies in any area of engineering, and entry level jobs in engineering, construction and manufacturing.
Prerequisite: Product Design & Development I