PC Technology

INTRO TO PC TECHNOLOGY (Grade 10) (1 Credit)

This class is an introductory class designed to give students basic computer knowledge. The course will cover hardware, software, installing operating systems, file management and other basic computer functions and features. It will also cover troubleshooting issues, updating Windows and other software and installing hardware devices. Students completing this course are well prepared for PC Technology I class.


This program is designed to provide students with entry level skills related to the repair, installation and maintenance of desktop computer hardware including PCs, monitors, mice, keyboards, printers and basic networking devices. Students will gain hands-on experience in building new PCs, re-building older systems, installing new devices and troubleshooting computer systems in general. Prerequisite: Keyboarding, Computer Classes


This program is a continuation of the PC Technician I course with an emphasis on computer software. Students will install operating systems (predominantly Windows), application software, as well as, software used for networking and the internet. Students will also learn Microsoft Office applications and learn how to install, update and repair all types of software.
Prerequisite: PC Technology I