Who We Are

Small Wonders operates as part of the Early Childhood education program at the Delta Schoolcraft (DSISD) Career-Technical Center. This program is a licensed laboratory/teaching preschool for three and four year old children. In Small Wonders preschool a teacher certified in Early Childhood Education provides a flexible enrichment program with Kids Count Child Development Program. Any junior or senior, male or female, high school student from our local school districts can enroll at the DSISD in the Early Childhood/Careers in Education program. Students develop skills necessary to succeed in the child care field by serving as aides to the preschool teacher. It is believed that students and preschoolers benefit from working with each other and everyone's varying abilities. The preschool lab is a place where early childhood education students implement ideas developed in the classroom emphasizing kindergarten readiness skills. Some approaches and activities are successful, others failures, but all experiences contribute to the students knowledge, social, physical, emotional and intellectual growth. We utilize a variety of creative activities, including art projects, music, stories, field trips, conversation, free play, and small group time to enhance the learning experience of the students and children. A child's happy experiences in preschool can build a positive self-image and helps a child succeed throughout their school careers and beyond. Small Wonders has a relaxed but purposeful atmosphere. A child feels he/she is an important part of the group and that there is pride his/her individual accomplishmen.