Parent Handbook


Parent Handbook

Bright Beginnings


Small Wonders Preschool


 Table of Contents  
 Mission Statement  3
 Program Description  3 
 Hours and Tuition  3 
 GSRP Information  4
 Preschool Description  4
 Curriculums and Resources  4
 Child Development Assessments  5
 Family Involvement  5 
 Cultural Competency  6
 Personal Belongings  6
 Birthdays  6
 Absence/Illness  7
 Accident/Injury  7
 Health  7
 Special Needs  7
 Snacks/Food and Nutrition  8
 Snow Days  9
 Emergency Drills  9
 Confidentiality  9
 Mandated Reporting  9
 Grievance  9


Mission Statement

To provide a high quality, positive preschool experience for young children to foster a love of school and learning to prepare children for future success in academic and social situations.

Program Description

Bright Beginnings at Small Wonders Preschool is a licensed laboratory preschool for three and four year old children. In the preschool, a certified teacher (along with a certified assistant in the GSRP class) provides a flexible school readiness program with the aid of high school students. The preschool operates as part of the Careers in Education program at the Delta-Schoolcraft ISD Career-Technical Center. High school students develop skills necessary to succeed in the teaching field by serving as aids to the preschool teacher(s). High school students work in teams of four and rotate through the preschool on a weekly basis to allow for consistency of staff for the preschoolers and mastery of skills for the high school students. This schedule allows for the same high school students to be with the preschoolers for a full week at a time. On many occasions, high school students have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the preschool students and this furthers the relationship and growth opportunities for both the high schoolers and preschoolers. With this, our child-to-adult ratios exceed what is required by the State of Michigan.

Hours and Tuition

Two options are available at Bright Beginnings at Small Wonders Preschool:

Option 1. Children who are three by December first of the current school year and toilet trained are eligible for the three day a week morning class. This class runs from 8:45 – 10:45 a.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuition for this option is $360.00 per 15 week semester.

Option 2. Children who are four by December first of the current school year and toilet trained are eligible for the four day a week afternoon class. The afternoon class runs from 12:00 – 3:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday. Tuition for this option is $720.00 per 15 week semester.

A $25.00 non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration; this is applied toward first semester tuition.

Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP)

All children registering for option 2 will be required to complete an application for the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP). GSRP provides funding for qualified families whose child is enrolled in a qualifying preschool program. Applications will be reviewed and those who qualify will have some or all of their tuition covered. More information about the GSRP program will be provided to families upon request and to those families attending the GSRP class (option 2).

Preschool Description

Bright Beginnings at Small Wonders Preschool is a play-based program that focuses on school readiness. A variety of activities are provided each day to allow all children to participate and be successful. Each day includes large and small group times, music and movement, stories, finger-plays, snack time, open-ended free play, outdoor play, and opportunities to develop self-help skills.

Curriculums and Resources

  • Creative Curriculum – a play-based curriculum that helps design the classroom for intentional, open-ended play to support children’s learning in all developmental areas including social-emotional, gross and fine motor, language and literacy, math and science, social studies, and the arts.

  • Conscious Discipline – provides a safe classroom structure that allows children and staff to work together to build a positive learning environment, solve problems, and resolve conflicts.

  • Second Step – an anti-bullying, empathy curriculum that helps children to learn about their own feelings and the feelings of others. This curriculum also teaches children techniques for fair ways to play and how to solve problems.

  • Personal Safety – this curriculum teaches children a variety of ways to be safe from crossing the street to giving and receiving safe touches.

  • Bucket Fillers – a simple idea that helps children recognize how helping and encouraging others makes our classroom (world) a better place for everyone.

  • Zoo-Phonics – the most fun and effective way for children to learn letters and sounds! ABCs made fun☺

Child Development Assessments

Upon entering Bright Beginnings at Small Wonders Preschool each family is requested to complete and return the ASQ and ASQ-SE assessments as a screening tool for their child. Developmental support, referrals, and re-evaluation are determined based on assessment scores. These screenings are a way to help parents and teachers identify strengths in their child and areas where we can set goals. An opportunity for any special needs referrals may result from screenings.

Family Involvement

Family connections – Family and school connections are important to your child’s development and school success. Some of the ways we provide for home to school connections are through:

  • weekly newsletters

  • family fun days

  • show and tell

  • family guests

  • parent orientation meetings

  • parent-teacher conferences

  • special reader opportunities

  • observation days

  • home visits

Parent observations – Bright Beginnings at Small Wonders Preschool has an open-door policy and encourages families to participate and visit at any time. A monthly observation period is also scheduled for families to come in and observe through a two-way mirror in the Careers in Education’s classroom.

Conferences – Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year with one in the fall and one in the spring. These conferences are designed to celebrate your child’s progress and provide an opportunity to learn about your child’s development. This is also a time for parent and teacher to set any goals and share information about your child.

Home Visits – Home visits are offered to families who attend the GSRP class. Visits are offered twice a year – fall and spring, This is a time to make that at-home connection, participate in an activity prepared for your child, and discuss your child’s progress in preschool.

Cultural Competency

At Bright Beginnings at Small Wonders Preschool every child and family is recognized and celebrated for their similarities and uniqueness. Upon entry into preschool, each family is asked to fill out an “All About Me” questionnaire to help us get to know the children and families. We use this information in our planning and set-up of preschool. Having this information helps open communication with families about their individuality and culture.

In our classroom we represent families and culture through photos, books, songs, activities and materials. Families are asked to come to the classroom and share with the children their heritage through special skills, talents, interests, etc.

It is tradition at our preschool to celebrate our culturally norm holidays – Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. These holidays are celebrated in a way that focuses on family and positive childhood experiences. If a family is sensitive to these holidays, we will work with them to provide the appropriate experience for them and their child.

We are always eager to learn about our families! Please share your culture with us and help us learn and grow!

In addition to what we do in the classroom, staff attends an annual training on cultural competency. This provides an opportunity to grow and understand the families we work with.

Personal Belongings

Please dress your child in comfortable play clothes. We are up and moving throughout the day and some of our activities can get a little messy in preschool. Be sure to dress your child for the weather because we do play outside each day as the weather permits. Please label all outdoor clothing clearly, including boots.

Your child will need a backpack for preschool so they have a safe place to bring their things back and forth.